Sunday, August 28, 2011

Comment testing

I know I've been having problems lately commenting on many blogs. Some blogs it tells me I need to log in. Even though I'm already logged in. And if I try to re-login. It just does the whole cycle over again. Annoying. Then, sometimes I'll get the message that I don't have access or permission for "this action". At first, I thought maybe I needed to be invited, but that didn't make sense as it wasn't private. I realized there has to be some kind of error when my own blog told me I didn't have access to comment! :)

Anyway, I tried changing a setting, if you're reading this and can, will you tell me, please?

I realized if you're reading this and cannot post, it's kind of pointless, I won't be able to know. But I'd love to hear if you're reading this and CAN see if my new setting helped!


Thursday, August 25, 2011


When Brookston's 1st birthday was coming around, I somehow got it into my head to make this awesome 3D duck cake that I found (last picture). Richard helped boost my confidence with encouraging me to make a practice cake and then practicing to use the special decorating tips. It went pretty well, I must say. And it felt great to have made a great looking cake! From that point, I decided that doing the birthday cakes for my children would sort of be, my "thing"!
Up until April, 2011 I would use shaped pans only, with specific directions and everything! I did get a little fun with some of the cupcakes though! Which I always enjoyed as well. But Brookston requested a "racetrack with Lightning McQueen and his friends" for his 4th birthday. So, that's the first time I got a tad more creative and came up with my own racetrack with a stadium.
Then August, 2011, I had a request for an LSU cake...the eye of the tiger became the idea. This was the PERFECT cake to learn fondant (something I really want to learn, but have not yet). But, it was crunch time, I had about 4 days and I wasn't prepared to learn just then. But, this was a milestone of making my first completely free handed cake. I shaped the cake AND came up with the pattern (with the help of pictures of course). Just, no directions.
Soon, I hope to learn fondant...then the possibilities will be endless! :)

Here are my cakes:

Ballet Slippers Cake - Kaisley's 5th Birthday - Feb, 2014

Dusty Cake - Sutton's 3rd Birthday - November, 2013

TKD Orange Belt Cake - Brookston's 6th Birthday - May, 2013

Princess Ariel Cake - Kaisley's 4th Birthday - Feb, 2013

Elmo Cake - Sutton's 2nd Birthday - Nov, 2012

Airplane cake - Brookston's 5th Birthday - May, 2012

Hello Kitty cake - Kaisley's 3rd Birthday - Feb, 2012

Hello Kitty cupcakes 

3D Teddy Bear cake with presents - Sutton's 1st Birthday - November, 2011

LSU Eye of the Tiger cake - August, 2011

Soccer cupcakes - Yellow Jackets - May, 2011

Cars Stadium cake - Brooktson's 4th Birthday - April, 2011

Abby cake - Kaisley's 2nd Birthday - Feb, 2011

Elmo cupcakes

Lightning McQueen cake - Brookston's 3rd Birthday - May, 2011

Cars cupcakes

Ladybug cake - Kaisley's 1st Birthday - February, 2010

Ladybug cupcakes

Monkey cake & cupcakes - Brookston's 2nd Birthday - May, 2009

3D Ducky cake - Brookston's 1st Birthday - May, 2008

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Playing catch up - All caught up

After almost 3 weeks of not posting...if you're stopping by you've got a lot to read! :) This is the first of 4 posts, titled, "Playing catch up"! I'm not sure why I haven't posted all of this on time?!?! Maybe the 3 kids thing is catching up to me or maybe we're just having too much summer fun!

Anyway, this last Sunday was Hawaiian themed at church...we went a little over board! :)

Sutton's outfit is actually from Hawaii! We went back when Brookston was 10 months old. PERFECT for church on Sunday! ;)

And here's Brookston on his first day of PRESCHOOL!

This is big time now. The real deal! PRESCHOOL!

He started Monday and has always done great with change. He already started at his new school in June. But this transition was into the 4 year old/preschool class. So, new room, new teachers. He said he LOVED his new teachers (he really must like them because this was unpromted) and had fun in his new room.

Kaisley starts at Mother's Day Out in September. She knows the month September has a lot in store for her. If you ask her when she starts music class or school, she says "in September!" Between music, little gym, bible study and school, this girl is gonna be BUSY!!

Playing catch up - sick days

Last week Brookston came down with some sort of sickie. It was well timed, as it was the days he had off from school from summer to "fall". But poorly timed because I had all sorts of plans for fun things. But, we made the best of it. We started with making and decorating cookies...

And then we painted...

And painted....

And painted....

And painted!!!!!

Playing catch up - random

A rare moment, brought to you by: A toy out of the attic...

All 3 kids, playing together. Of course, with a baby toy! :)

Although all 3 kids REALLY like cars too!

Long story...Once a month our church does a "Parent's Night Out". We haven't participated in FOREVER, but decided the kids would especially have fun this month because it was water night. Well, one reason we never participate is because it goes late into their bed time, but mostly, because Sutton doesn't take a bottle. So, bringing a non bottle taking baby at bed time...well, that would just not be cool. So, we decided to let the "big kids" participate and go on our date with Sutton. As Richard called him, our DD for the night! ;)

(no, he wasn't on my lap driving or anything like that(I'm waaaay too much of a car seat freak for that)...the car was parked, this was post nursing, sitting in the rain while we decided what to do next...oh and yes, it rained on the poor kids for water night!) :(

See, this is where Sutton sits! :) Funny, I was posting this picture anyway, before I added that part above about how he was not in my lap while driving. I just decided to take this picture one day because I realized I never take pictures of my kids in their car seats. And well, poor buddy spends a lot of time like this between school drop off/pick up and playdates!

ARG! Kiddos after a pirate themed bday party!

Playing catch up - pool

I probably have about 20 more pictures from the pool that I'd love to share, but since I'm so behind, I'll just post some of my favorites....