Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Pool

We went to a birthday party at our neighborhood pool over the weekend. Finally, Kaisley was able to have some one on one time, while in water. In the past it's been either me with both kids in a big pool or just in the backyard pools. So, Kaisley really has NOT enjoyed the water. She likes to splash and play in sprinklers, but not a foot of water.
Well, both kids were having a blast at the, we joined our neighborhood pool this summer. We've committed, bought stock in it, and paid our summer dues! Better late than never I guess. We just joined on Tuesday and went that night. Now we know we'll go back tomorrow. Hopefully we'll make it a regular thing and feel like it was worth it!
I guess I should bring my camera and take some pictures of the newest fishies. ALL Brookston wants to do is practice his swimming. Although he even jumped off the diving board! WHOA! I was impressed. And Kaisley so far REALLY enjoys jumping in off the side. Although she insists on only holding on with one hand...oy!

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