Sunday, May 19, 2013

Arg, pirates!

Kaisley and I went to her school friend's birthday party today! It was so cute and different. It started with the kids getting on the pirate gear (bandana, eye patch, sash and sword), along with a painting of their choice (Kaisley got pink skull and cross bones), and then there was a pirate with his parrots (I'm pictures below with the birds on me....ahhh!)

We boarded the ship and the kids sat in front to help guide the boat by following the map! We needed to find the missing key to open their treasure chest! They found landmarks as we sailed, learned pirate talk, and along the way they practiced shooting their water cannons, in case they came across trouble.

They did come across the barnacle, who had the key and we "fought" him (we shot water cannons, he had a super soaker), and we won!

It was fun and as the boat trip went on, Kaisley really warmed up to it and ended up having a lot of fun!

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