Sunday, June 21, 2015

Boating day trip, take 2

Back out again for another day on the boat.  This time was Father's Day.  What a wonderful way to spend the day!  Plus, Nana and Papa were here.  When is the last time I was actually WITH my dad for Father's Day??  So, we celebrated Daddy and Papa with a day out.  Full day this time, since a half day went way too fast last time.

It was a gorgeous day!  And thankfully we got out early because it did get a little crowded on the sandbar.  But the kids absolutely loved it.  The loved the boat, they loved being with Nana and Papa, they loved playing in the water, of course the ice cream boat too!

Rinley took her nap on the boat when we stopped to play at the sandbar.  The kids enjoyed swimming around, playing basketball, jumping in. 

And of course we made our way to a much quieter area to paddle board again!

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