Friday, April 23, 2010

LSU's AgMagic

On Thursday Brookston, Kaisley and I met a group of friends at LSU's AgMagic. The kids had a great time seeing a little bit of Louisiana...

Animal foot prints in the sand

Louisiana fish

Crawfish...I was totally impressed that Brookston wanted to hold it!

Little Gator...notice his mouth taped shut! :)

corn :)

Kaisley was pretty into the butterflies

Cows...although Brookston never wanted to look at it up close!

Holding the baby cool! I think he held about 10 of them!

Kaisley wasn't quite sure of the chick!

Kaisley loved the pigs at first, then she looked like she wanted to fight them!?!?

I think Brookston prefered the baby animals!

After AgMagic, we headed over the LSU's Dairy store...for ice cream.
The kiddos made an ice cream train and had a blast!

Kaisley enjoys the outdoors anywhere we are!

Easily entertained boys!

She's getting to be such a big girl!

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