Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where to start??

In mid September, I flew up to North Carolina with just Kaisley and Sutton. A lot went into the decision, but Brookston and Richard stayed back home for a week for work and school, while I enjoyed getting together with some friends from college and a pregnancy buddy I met back in 2008.

The flight up there went amazingly well. The first flight both Kaisley and Sutton were entertained almost exclusively with no toys. Between the excitement of the plane, the drinks and snacks and just, well, nothing, neither of them had a problem on the first flight. The second flight Sutton fell asleep before we even took off. Which was a big blessing. I could have seen this flight being a disaster if Sutton was cranky and that meant Kaisley got little to no attention. Instead a sleeping baby meant one on one time for Kaisley, the entire time.

While in NC, I was able to visit my two best friends from college. One had a little boy very close to Kaisley's age. So they had a blast. And they both had babies, that I had not yet met!

Here we are with our kiddos (just missing my buddy, Brookston).

Kaisley and her new buddy!

Nana and Kaisley making muffins!

Then we headed to one of our favorite children's museums! LOVE this place! And I was so happy that my friend, her husband, and her two kids could join us. Along with my mom's friend and her grandson. So, we had 3 two year olds and two babies!

Somehow I had never seen this baby area...Sutton and his friend had a blast!

It was a totally different experience being at the museum this time. Last time, Brookston was about 2 1/2, Kaisley was 7 months. This time Kaisley was 2 1/2 and Sutton was 10 months. Brookston plays very different than Kaisley. Where Brookston could spend 2 hours in just one area of this huge museum, Kaisley hit the entire thing (at least all she wanted to of it) in less than 2 hours!

Our next stop was the beach...this however will take a while to organize...I think I took over 200 pictures in 6 days!

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