Monday, October 18, 2010

Boo at the Zoo

We love "Boo at the Zoo"! Especially because we have a zoo membership, so entrance is completely free, Brookston was SO EXCITED to get to wear his fireman costume, and of course get candy!!! Because we go to the zoo rather often, today's trip to the kids was exclusively for candy. We rarely stopped to look at animals and the few that they did want to see, it was seriously a 15 second stop, max!

Here's the Fire Chief and cheerleader
Although Kaisley's supposed to be a tiger, but it was entirely too hot for that costume. Brookston on the other hand would have been sweating buckets and still not taken off a single piece of his costume!

Brookston excited to pose with the pumpkin, Kaisley wanted nothing to do with it

Brookston racking up some candy

Posing with the M&M pumpkins

I just thought this was cute and had to share...the lines for parking spots were flamingos, aligators, and rhinos! How cute, right?

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