Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love the Pumpkin Patch

Headed to the pumpkin patch...
Do you like how Kaisley is the one walking (she LOVES her new little handle) and Brookston is the one riding in the stroller?

First we head to the big jumper, since NO ONE else was there...

Brookston absolutely loved it, even though it was a little deflated until later!

Kaisley took a while to warm up to it, but eventually loved it too

Kaisley going round and round

Brookston had a blast on the big tube slide

Kaisley eventually went too...holy cow it was FAST...look at that thing!

The horse zip line was so cute!!! They both really loved this...

But paranoid mama wasn't letting the kids go FLYING down it like some of the others!

The kiddos on the outside of the maze

Riding the tractor

Pumping water to watch the ducks float down

Brookston waiting for his picture to be taken! :)

Kaisley found the pumpkin she wanted

Brookston found his pumpkin too!

Kaisley ready for her picture to be taken...
Brookston wanted no part of this picture, at all!

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Sara said...

These pictures are so cute! That looks like a fun place!