Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunny Farms Birthday Party

We were invited to our first birthday party at Sunny Farms on Saturday. The kids had a lot of fun, from the play houses and slides to riding the pony and everything inbetween. Like feeding the goats, petting the Llama and the giant rabbit, going on a hayride and a hike to hunt for toys! It was a great time!

Brookston and Kaisley on the tire swing with the birthday girl!

Brookston eased his way onto the pony. First it was only petting it from behind the fence, then he pet it from standing next to it on the steps, then he pet it sitting on top of it, and eventually he went for a ride...

Kaisley was also very hesitant, which sort of surprised me. I thought she'd be ALL about it. Granted once she took off they said she had a HUGE smile, but she still looked a little hesitant to me on the way back...

Feeding the goats

Mommy and Brookston the hay ride

Finding the toys on the hike

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