Saturday, October 16, 2010

Plane Pull

Once a year, teams of 20 participate in a "Plane Pull" to raise money for charity. Richard's work had a team, so we planned to go just to see them, hang out, play in the kids area. However, they were short a couple people so Richard was recruited to actually participate and pull. Here they are getting ready for their turn.

The team in front of the FedEx plane

Here they are pulling...

Brookston really enjoyed the kids area

Kaisley even got into a few things

I thought these were super's Brookston in the plane

Here he is as the pilot

Bean bag toss to knock over the planes

This was super airplane on a line, they had control the line to try to get the plane to land on the little board with the runway...Brookston did GREAT, both times a perfect landing!

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