Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Just a quick post, but we had a lot of fun tonight. Kaisley, the tiger, and Brookston, the fireman. Although being 80+ degrees and humid on Halloween, Brookston's jacket and hat both ended up off by the end of the night! Poor thing, a couple weeks ago he would keep that costume on regardless of how hot he was, but tonight he was just not having it!

We tried to go around with some friends, but you put 3 wagons, 2 strollers and 10 or so kids together and it was a bit tough, so we all eventually went our own ways!
It was fun though and we ran into lots of neighbors and friends from all around that like to come to our neighborhood. So, it was a great night.
***I just posted below about a farm birthday party yetserday too! :) More pictures and fun stuff in that post!

Sunny Farms Birthday Party

We were invited to our first birthday party at Sunny Farms on Saturday. The kids had a lot of fun, from the play houses and slides to riding the pony and everything inbetween. Like feeding the goats, petting the Llama and the giant rabbit, going on a hayride and a hike to hunt for toys! It was a great time!

Brookston and Kaisley on the tire swing with the birthday girl!

Brookston eased his way onto the pony. First it was only petting it from behind the fence, then he pet it from standing next to it on the steps, then he pet it sitting on top of it, and eventually he went for a ride...

Kaisley was also very hesitant, which sort of surprised me. I thought she'd be ALL about it. Granted once she took off they said she had a HUGE smile, but she still looked a little hesitant to me on the way back...

Feeding the goats

Mommy and Brookston the hay ride

Finding the toys on the hike

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trunk or Treat

This time of the year sure does keep us busy...and we love it! Not only are there birthday parties all over, but Halloween events everywhere we turn!
We had a birthday party on Saturday and "Trunk or Treat" at a friend's church on Sunday afternoon/evening. It was absolutely adorable. Check this out below...the church member's set up the trick or treating out of the truck of their car! :)

Brookston has certainly learned about this going "door to door" for candy.

Kaisley has learned to LOVE suckers!

They had a hay ride...Brookston loved it!
Kaisley cried each time daddy or mommy left with Brookston, but she did NOT want to get on!

Brookston and his friend on the hay ride

And inside was a band, which both kids just loved! They were dancing away most of the evening. Along with hotdogs, chips, drinks, you know, that type thing! :) We had so much fun and were so glad to be invited!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Boo at the Zoo

We love "Boo at the Zoo"! Especially because we have a zoo membership, so entrance is completely free, Brookston was SO EXCITED to get to wear his fireman costume, and of course get candy!!! Because we go to the zoo rather often, today's trip to the kids was exclusively for candy. We rarely stopped to look at animals and the few that they did want to see, it was seriously a 15 second stop, max!

Here's the Fire Chief and cheerleader
Although Kaisley's supposed to be a tiger, but it was entirely too hot for that costume. Brookston on the other hand would have been sweating buckets and still not taken off a single piece of his costume!

Brookston excited to pose with the pumpkin, Kaisley wanted nothing to do with it

Brookston racking up some candy

Posing with the M&M pumpkins

I just thought this was cute and had to share...the lines for parking spots were flamingos, aligators, and rhinos! How cute, right?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Plane Pull

Once a year, teams of 20 participate in a "Plane Pull" to raise money for charity. Richard's work had a team, so we planned to go just to see them, hang out, play in the kids area. However, they were short a couple people so Richard was recruited to actually participate and pull. Here they are getting ready for their turn.

The team in front of the FedEx plane

Here they are pulling...

Brookston really enjoyed the kids area

Kaisley even got into a few things

I thought these were super's Brookston in the plane

Here he is as the pilot

Bean bag toss to knock over the planes

This was super airplane on a line, they had control the line to try to get the plane to land on the little board with the runway...Brookston did GREAT, both times a perfect landing!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love the Pumpkin Patch

Headed to the pumpkin patch...
Do you like how Kaisley is the one walking (she LOVES her new little handle) and Brookston is the one riding in the stroller?

First we head to the big jumper, since NO ONE else was there...

Brookston absolutely loved it, even though it was a little deflated until later!

Kaisley took a while to warm up to it, but eventually loved it too

Kaisley going round and round

Brookston had a blast on the big tube slide

Kaisley eventually went too...holy cow it was FAST...look at that thing!

The horse zip line was so cute!!! They both really loved this...

But paranoid mama wasn't letting the kids go FLYING down it like some of the others!

The kiddos on the outside of the maze

Riding the tractor

Pumping water to watch the ducks float down

Brookston waiting for his picture to be taken! :)

Kaisley found the pumpkin she wanted

Brookston found his pumpkin too!

Kaisley ready for her picture to be taken...
Brookston wanted no part of this picture, at all!

My little LSU Tigers

Our two little LSU Tigers cheering on some football...