Thursday, September 30, 2010

We love Lake Bruin

We spent a wonderful 4 day weekend up at Lake Bruin this last weekend. It was GORGEOUS! The first day was before a cool front came in, so the kids got to do a little swimming. Then, as the cool front came in, it was just so nice to be outside. We loved our long weekend and are so grateful that "Yaya" and "Papa" (some friend's parents) invited us to visit!

Brookston really enjoyed the jet ski, for the first time ever!
I was quite impressed that he ASKED to go on. Because when Richard first cranked it up, he didn't even want to go down to the dock to watch him ride! But shortly after that he said he wanted to ride too and then that's all he talked about!

Kaisley really enjoyed fishing. I mean REALLY enjoyed it! I'm pretty sure if she saw a fishing pole, she needed to have one in her hand!

And she caught her first fish! This picture was actually her first time, which was why she was on Daddy's lap still. But that quickly changed as she realized it was a blast!

Here the kids were just splashing their feet in the water. But Brookston actually asked to go swimming on the second day. Which was again quite shocking since he told us on the way there he didn't want to swim in the "black water" since he couldn't see! (I guess he was actually remembering from last time!) He was actually quite fearful when he was telling us passionately that he did NOT want to swim. But, eventually he asked to swim and had fun. I just didn't have my camera outside since I really didn't think he'd do anything but he is here!

Brookston and Molly checking out the water

Daddy and the kiddos

Our family

Daddy with the kids out on the paddle boat. It started with just Brookston, but Kaisley quickly realized that they were having a good time out there and she had to join them!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby Boy Belly

I've had a few people ask me recently where my belly pictures were. Oh don't you worry, I'm still obsessively taking them! Of course! I have a link on the left hand side of the blog that says "belly pictures". It's under the pictures of the kids and the tickers with their ages. But, for easy access right now, if you're HERE.

I've really noticed a difference this time as far as being just low! I feel like my belly is really sagging! :) Guess that's what happens when the muscles are all gone! ;)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last weekend at the pool

We joined our neighborhood pool this summer and what a great decision! We've had a blast and we're so sad that this is the last weekend! We've tried to make the most of these last two weekends by scheduling times and barbques up there with some of the neighbors we regularly see while swimming. So, it's been a fun way to spend these last weekends, seriously going up every chance we get!

In all of the times we've gone up there though, I can't believe I've never brought our camera!! So, today I tried to take a few pictures to have proof of their happy pool faces!

He's so happy in the water!

Kaisley's new "cheese" face!!
In the last couple visits Kaisley's really been having fun! Most of the summer she enjoyed hanging out along the side, listening to the music and dancing, and teasing us that she was going to jump in on the side (although she never did).

Kaisley and her friend, Bennett!

Brookston and Daddy

Kaisley giving Daddy kisses

Daddy with both kiddos

Playing in the big pool!

This is a little random, but now that we're selling our boat, the kids have been obsessed with "driving" it, playing in it, and just wanted to sit in it! Snapped a few cute ones of them, so I had to share a sibling moment! :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Windows, new paint!

I realize for a post like this to really show anything to anyone else, I probably should have taken before and after pictures...and I did think about it. But, it never happened. I guess I didn't think I'd be so excited about it that I'd want to blog about it...but I am!

We got new windows installed today and wow...I can't even tell you how fresh it looks! We went from a dingy rustic color with cross beams to all white and all window!

Plus, a couple weeks ago we went from dark green shutters and doors, to RED! And all of the trim was beige and it's now WHITE! It looks SO's fresh and updated!!! I never thought I'd really be so excited about paint and windows...guess that's what being a 30 year old home owner is all about!

Hmmm, sorry, I needed to move those still beige plant potters out of the picture...but, they are HEAVY! Guess we still need to paint those white to really be complete!

Just another view of the fresh windows! And white trim!!!

So I had to find SOMETHING...please excuse the fact that it's night time and it's Christmas lights. But, see the dark green color and the dark metal windows with cross beams! Big difference right?