Thursday, November 29, 2012

The birthday boy

It's hard to believe this little guy is two years old. Our baby is not a baby anymore. It's funny how with our first, when he turned one I was insisting he was a toddler. Now, baby number 3, I still want to call him a baby at two years old!

First thing in the morning Sutton got to open his presents from us. Probably the favorite by far was the giant teddy bear!! It was very much an impulse buy (at Home Depot of all places), but totally worth it. This thing is so cuddly and big! And quite a deal if you ask me!

The evening of his birthday happened to be kids night at our regular Tuesday night dinner spot! And they have a magician (the kids love it!) and he does balloons! Love the Elmo he made for Sutton!

Then, we came home for a video chat with Nana and Papa so they could help sing happy birthday. I made a small Elmo cake since we had been talking about his Elmo cake for his party on Saturday. And when Sutton woke up, he said "Elmo cake? Eat?", so you know I had to do something for that sweet heart! He was very excited about his cake, but apparently we took too long to cut it! ;) He started without us!

(Sorry the photos are reversed, I've been using the app and apparently it's limited!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Backyard fun

So far we are taking full advantage of fall in Florida. Of course Louisiana had rather mild winters as well, but our small backyard at this house is getting lots of use!!

We have a little pond, which the ducks visit us daily. The house came with a small swing set and slide, and this 70 degree every day weather is gorgeous!

Our boat

Not quite the boat Richard wishes we had, but hey, a remote control boat is still fun! ;)

Early Birthday

Nana and Papa were visiting this past weekend so we did a birthday dinner a little early for Sutton. We went to Rain.forest Cafe and sat really close to the tigers. The kids loved it and Sutton roared most times right along with the tigers!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sweet moment

Brookston and Kaisley sharing a drink before church. Awwwww


We had a great time in our neighborhood trick or treating. Our little tiger actually lasted the longest and was really into the process! I was impressed with his "thank you's" and "bye bye's"!

Brookston had a Halloween parade at his school in the morning. I was able to attend with the little kids to watch. Then later, I headed back to school to help with centers during their party. I was in charge of estimating the belly size of the pumpkin (so I had the educational one!) ;)

Richard was able to escape work for a little bit to attend Kaisley's Halloween party too. I'm so glad he could go, as it was his first time even seeing her school and I had already committed to Brookston's school. He was very impressed with her teacher! And I know Kaisley was in heaven having daddy visit school.