Thursday, July 29, 2010

North Carolina - Random

Just some random pictures from our time in North Carolina...

Kaisley wanted to be like Brookston (watching TV...although she looks like she still had a mouthful from breakfast!!)

As we packed the car for the beach, Kaisley climbed through the passenger seat, to the drivers seat and thought she was super cool!

Brookston in Papa's kayak (or as he called it, the gondola)

Kaisley ready to go to a friend's house for dinner

Brookston just hanging out

Kaisley and her "PAL" buddy, Cullen. They came for a visit from Winston-Salem!

Nana and Papa's neighbor kids had a Lightning McQueen car that they let us borrow for a couple days! Talk about a 3 year old boy's dream!!!

Kaisley couldn't reach the pedal (luckily because it went FAST!), so Brookston pushed her a little! So sweet!

Nana, Papa, and Brookston were supposed to play Putt-Putt golf while at the beach, but it rained both times they were planning to go. Since Brookston was so geared up and excited to try it out, they ended up going once we got back "home" from the beach! He seemed to have a blast!

Papa, Brookston, Kaisley, and Nana

Well, this is my last North Carolina case you missed there's a "beach", "Marble's Museum" and "Tweetsie Railroad" post below, all from our NC trip!

North Carolina - Beach

The second half of our stay in North Carolina Daddy had to head back home to work. But Mommy, Brookston, Kaisley and Nana headed to the beach. Papa joined us for the weekend.
Last fall Brookston had a blast in the sand. But he was very fearful of the water after his first attempted ended in a wipeout! This year, on day one he stayed away from the water and both kids just played in the sand and a big old tub full of water. But, by day 2, both kids started getting brave and having fun in the ocean!

The big bucket of water...hours of entertainment!

Happy Hour on the beach...Kaisley's way of "chillin"

Brookston being Mr. Cool

The first day of the kids and their new love for the ocean!

Brookston jumping waves with Papa

Brookston heading to the beach

Kaisley headed to the beach (just like her brother, of course!)

Brave little girl, testing the water

More fun in the water

Mommy and Brookston waiting for the water to get us!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

North Carolina - Marbles Museum

I could tell you about the hundreds of things to do at this awesome kids muesum! Seriously, we could have gone back for 3 days in a row and still not done it all. We probably should have gone again during our visit! We also went last summer during our visit, but this year Kaisley was old enough to enjoy, along with Brookston of course! There is just so much fun stuff to do, it's really just a blast!
I tried to limit myself from the 60 pictures I could post...

Dressed and ready to hop on the fire truck

Kaisley feeding the little piggy a bottle

Kaisley was playing in the garden...all over the place!

Brookston enjoyed dressing up and coming out onto stage...I think he enjoyed the attention when he came out from behind the curtain!

Water time!

Kaisley ended up soaked!! No big shocker there!

Surfing was a blast!

Brookston and daddy at the work bench

Kaisley loved the room full of balls!!!! They were EVERYWHERE and there was a million things to do with them, places to put them, things to climb name it!

Kaisley playing doctor

Friday, July 23, 2010

North Carolina - Tweetsie Railroad

We just got home from a 2 week vacation to North Carolina, to visit Nana and Papa. Daddy was able to join us for week one, while the kids and I stayed for an additional week.

Our first stop was Tweetsie Railroad, a kiddo theme park, designed around an old coal train. We did a countdown until our trip to NC for almost 3 weeks! And each day I asked Brookston what we were counting down until, he said to visit Nana and Papa and to go on the train. He was SO excited about the train. When we first arrived he was so eager to get on, he sat down so excited, all smiles...until the whistle blew...then it was all over. He is very sensitive to loud noises and that ruined it for him, he hid in Nana's lap, covering his ears then entire ride.

Mommy and Kaisley on the big train

Nana and Brookston on the big train (before the whistle blew) see the HAPPY face!
Luckily there was plenty more to do and he had a blast with everything else!

Flying the airplane

After his airplane ride

Brookston driving the car with Nana

Flying the fighter jet with determination

Riding the boat...and ringing the bell

Panning for gold

Kaisley just playing in water

Now this train Brookston was excited about!

Our family on the train

Kaisley helping to push Brookston at the playground

Feeding the animals (in ice cream cones)

Papa, Brookston, and Nana on the chairlift

Even Kaisley did the chair lift!

Daddy & Kaisley and Brookston on the horses

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's a BOY!!!

HERE HE IS...Hall Baby #3...a BOY!

In this picture it's like he's floating on his tummy, with his legs underneath him. Spine at the top, head to the right, bum on the left.

Proof that he's a boy!

We are thrilled to find out we have a healthy little boy in there! He cooperated for the most part, showing us his healthy heart, brain, stomach, liver, kidneys, arms, legs, and boy parts...but he decided to keep his face covered when it was time to check his lips and nose. So, we will go back in 4 weeks to see his sweet little face. Mommy is TOTALLY okay with getting another peak at this sweet little boy.

This picture is similar to the first, but you can see his arms "under" his face. This is the reason we're going back...he was hiding behind his arms!

His arms!

We are told he's weighing in at 11 ounces (he's 19w1d, Kaisley was 11 ounces at 19w6d and Brookston was 12 ounces at, seems right for our kiddos).

I always love to see baby feet! :)

I believe she said the placenta is anterior, so in the front, which would explain why I didn't think I was feeling NEARLY as much movement as I felt with the other two! However, I do feel him, so yeah for that!

This picture is always a little freaky looking, it's a face on shot (so it must have been earlier, before he covered his face). His head is on the right, you can see one of his eyes. Sorry about the smudge, I must have had something on my scanner because it's on all of the pictures!