Friday, April 19, 2019

Neighborhood Easter Party

April 14th

UNCC green vs white

April 13th

4 little Spartans

April 7th

Dance competition #2

April 6th

Ears pierced best friends

April 5th

Parasailing - Just the two of us

April 1st

Just us vacation

April 1st

Rocking Climbing Team

March 27th

Preschool experiment

March 27th

Two wheels

March 24th

Preschool friends

March 21st

First dance competition

March 16th

Murder Mystery Dinner

March 15th

Kpac cup

March 10th

Nursery rhyme Parade

March 8th

World Cup

March 2nd

Basketball team picture

Feb 23rd

Escape room

Feb 22nd

Officially 10

Feb 21st

Double digits

Feb 16th

Some awards

Feb 8th