Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sutton loves soccer

Sutton just finished up his second "season" of soccer. Oh boy, this little guy loves soccer. He lives for Tuesdays, when it's soccer day! We are taking a break over the summer (mainly because I don't think going to a toddler soccer with a 4 and 6 year old would turn out to be a good experience for anyone!) But I have no doubt we will resume this fall!

Just some pictures from today's class!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Arg, pirates!

Kaisley and I went to her school friend's birthday party today! It was so cute and different. It started with the kids getting on the pirate gear (bandana, eye patch, sash and sword), along with a painting of their choice (Kaisley got pink skull and cross bones), and then there was a pirate with his parrots (I'm pictures below with the birds on me....ahhh!)

We boarded the ship and the kids sat in front to help guide the boat by following the map! We needed to find the missing key to open their treasure chest! They found landmarks as we sailed, learned pirate talk, and along the way they practiced shooting their water cannons, in case they came across trouble.

They did come across the barnacle, who had the key and we "fought" him (we shot water cannons, he had a super soaker), and we won!

It was fun and as the boat trip went on, Kaisley really warmed up to it and ended up having a lot of fun!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dance girl

Tonight was Kaisley's dance recital! I love that her school has a little dance class, once a week. It's low key to where the girls just dance in a classroom after lunch and their recital is at the school's church. I really think this helped with her feeling confident to dance tonight!

They did a dance called "Personality" along with "Mickey Mouse Birthday". I'll have to see about uploading videos, but as for now it's cell phone pictures.

(In the pictures of the dancing, she's the 3rd from the end.)

Fun in the sun

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Great day

Mother's Day was wonderful!

We went to church, follows by brunch at a local diner we often visit after church. I was "kicked out" of the house, so I went shopping! Richard cooked dinner while I sat and watched the kids play in the front yard and street with the neighbors. We enjoyed a wonderful meal. And the kids gave me the sweetest gift, ever!! I'd say today was perfect!

The kids were super sweet! Here's a favorite moment from each kid:

At church Brookston gets tokens in class to earn prizes and today he wanted to cash one in. He chose this little monster finger puppets (3 for 1 token) and when he was asked what colors he said red, orange and pink. When he said orange, I suspected, but when he said pink I KNEW, one was for his brother (orange is Sutton's favorite color) and the other his sister (pink!) My heart melted with his thoughtfulness!!

Tonight, I gave Kaisley a big hug and told her "thank you for being so wonderful to me this Mother's Day." She responded, "thank you for being such a wonderful mommy!" Heart melt when those things are totally unprompted!

And Sutton, I probably got about 27 kisses in a row at one point. He just kept requesting, so I certainly wasn't going to stop that sweetness!

As for my awesome gift. While I was gone the kids and daddy made a box of "Hugs with Words". They decorated it and daddy wrote a super sweet note inside. Then there were tons of notes filing the box of sweet thank you's from each kid (even baby #4), as well as daddy!

I'm an emotional person, ESPECIALLY while pregnant (but that's just an excuse, I'm always emotional now!)...so it was tough to hold back the happy tears! I don't think the kids would have really understood "happy tears"...so I had to stop myself! The box was so sweet! Such a pick me up and so precious! It was amazing! I only read a handful and hope to have this box to read from occasionally. But as Richard and I discussed, I'll probably dive in and read them all sometime tomorrow! ;)

Serious sweetness! And a wonderful day! Thank you Richard and kiddos! I'm so thankful to be your mommy!

Mother's Day Tea

Kaisley's preschool had the most precious Mother's Day Tea. We were greeted by our child one at a time, given a corsage, and escorted to our table. The place settings were precious with lots of their homemade decorations, and their sweet little questions answered about mommy! We spent time sitting together and looking at all of their precious creations.

Then the kids left to go get ready for their performance. Kaisley has been talking about this show for weeks. Although each time she talked about it, she would say she had to tell daddy, because it's a surprise for mommy! The kids sang 8 adorable songs and for the first time in any singing show, Kaisley participated in the whole thing!! I was so proud!

Following the show, the kids serves us a special breakfast!

It was such a sweet and special day!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Our six year old

It's hard to believe that we became parents six years ago!!

This morning we woke the kids up early, so we could do presents before school. And because daddy leaves so early for work, he could be there to see the excitement. It also didn't hurt that the extra time meant we took a trip to get donuts before school!!

Brookston seemed to have a fun day at school today. I joined them about half way through lunch (along with Kaisley and Sutton) for a birthday frozen treat!

Then this evening we went to a local jumpy place, and came home to enjoy cookie cake!

I'm also including his Taekwondo birthday party cake from last weekend, just because that's the only cell phone picture I have from his party.

Weekend visitors

Last weekend we had Grandpa and Hailey come visit us! It was a fun, busy weekend!! We were all sad to see them go. It's tough going from seeing them basically whenever and wherever when we lived 10 minutes away. To now it takes planning and an airplane ride!

But we all really enjoyed time playing together at the house, going to a soccer game, playgrounds, the pool, the beach, and Brookston's 6th birthday party at Taekwondo.

These are just a few cell phone pictures I took from the visit.