Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8 months fun fact

Ignoring the fact that my baby is EIGHT MONTHS OLD...what? How? When did that happen? I weighed him today on the pediactric scale that we have and he's 18 pounds, 11 ounces. Right at the 50th percentile. Before having Sutton, when it came to weight, I didn't know anything under 97th percentile until maybe 18 months! ;) And still to this day, Brookston hangs out around 70th and Kaisley around 85th.

So to my fun fact...Sutton at 8 months is 18 pounds, 11 ounces. The EXACT weight of Brookston, when???

This is where you think to yourself...7 months? 6? 5? 4?

It's crazy to think that my 8 month old is the same weight as Brooskton at....

4 months old! :) So, if you have a child weighing 18 pounds 11 ounces at 8 months, he would be in the 50th percentile, but at 4 months, that puts him in the 97th! I just thought it was funny!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A little mix

Just some fun pictures I wanted to share...I realized I put a number of these on f.aceboo.k, which is unusual for me. Usually I put them here, but not there. So, here's a few:

Here's Sutton on one of our weekly lunch dates with friends! I'm guessing by the hat you can figure out where we were!

Brookston enjoying the water slide at his friend's birthday party. He and mommy enjoyed this party, just the two of them. While the whole family was invited, daddy had a lunch with a board he's on and the little kids needed their nap!

There were TONS of water balloons! The kids had a blast! And the hostess said that she, her husband and the grandfather spent 3 hours filling these water balloons, only for the kids to blow through them in about 5 minutes!

Brookston and his buddies from school

Last night the kids and I went to dinner at a kid's night that had Bubbles the clown. She did face painting and balloons!

So, Brookston became Spiderman....he loved it!

Kaisley was very very hesitant, but curious. So, Bubbles had her sit on my lap, then she did one step at a time on my arm, followed by doing it on Kaisley's arm (she has obviously done this before!) In the end, Kaisley was soooo excited about her flowers!

Kaisley thought this was HILARIOUS! I swaddled her up, but as the kids say, it's a cocoon! She was so excited to be in her cocoon, she laid there giggling for quite a while.

So....maybe this is why daddy says girls are expensive! She's two and already obsessed with shoes! Hey, at least she's organizing them!

Friday, July 22, 2011

VBS at School

I was soooo excited that Brookston's school was invited to attend VBS at the church where school is held. Since he goes to school throughout the summer, he did not come to VBS with me when I worked ours. Today was their little show day. He's in the yellow shirt, close to the middle of the screen (yay mama for thinking to do that too...made him much easier to spot in that huge group of kiddos!) Not sure what he was looking around at the entire time...distracted with excitement I guess! :) And sorry it's a little wobbly, Sutton really wanted to hold my camera!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That's a full tub!

I cannot at all remember when I put my others in the big tub for the first time, but Sutton had a blast the other night when he finally had his turn! It was certainly time as he was NOT enjoying bath time in his little tub. And even better, it was one bath for all 3 kids. And again, even better is that Kaisley and Brookston were seperated by Sutton! It was quite successful and rather peaceful in terms of bathing 3 at once!

In other news...Sutton is doing his own version of crawling quite well. He tries to chase Kaisley quite a bit. Of course it takes him a little while, but he does follow her room to room when she encourages him with "come get me Sutty, come get me!"

Sutton waved for the first time last week.

He now has 2 teeth.

He is pulling up to a standing position.

He is pushing himself up from laying down to a sitting position.

Wow....he is just getting so big, so fast.

Still not a big fan of sleeping in long stretches....BUT, most nights do NOT consist of a screaming match at 3am anymore. YAY!!!!

Just like big brother....a bin of matchbox cars kept him happy for a FULL HOUR! Yes, he sat RIGHT HERE for that entire time. No one playing with him. He didn't move from this spot!

My loves!

And a little video of Sutton:

Friday, July 8, 2011

go baby go!

I'm not sure why this is so very dark. On my computer before uploading it to youtube, it wasn't so dark...but, you can see Sutton on the move!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A toof, a toof!

My little buggy sprouted his first tooth on June 30th. This picture, taken today, you can finally see it enough to show, he has a tooth!

What I find just fun is that Brookston's first tooth came in at 7 months, 1 day. Kaisley's first tooth was 4 days before she turned 7 months. And now Sutton got his first tooth at 7 months, 3 days! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tubing on the lake

Here is our fun tubing...

Sutton was not fond of his life jacket...

But he did fall asleep for quite a bit of the ride!

Kaisley wanted to go FIRST...go girl! And of course we were going super slow, so she wanted to touch the water!

After waving to us on the boat, she was waving to other boaters!

Brookston took his turn and after a few minutes, signaled that he wanted to go FASTER!

Love his expression! (just moments after going faster)

Then he braved going ALONE!

Then Daddy got his turn....

And Mommy waiting to get started too!

A couple videos...

And here's Richard...sorry I didn't follow him the very best...I was holding Kaisley between my legs, holding a sleeping Sutton and taking the video in the air without looking at all. Once I watched it, I was actually quite pleased!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Water fun

Just some pictures of the many things we did in the water at the lake...

We brought out the tube to just play in by the pier, in hopes the kids would get used to the water, plus the idea of the worked! They had a blast, ended up IN the water and later went tubing behind the boat!

We had a number of floats to chose from as well!

Sutton also enjoyed, from dry land!

I was so proud of how brave the kids were in the lake. Last year Brookston mentioned that he did not want to go in the "black water" because he couldn't see the bottom. This year he was all about it.

We went for a couple boat rides, before tubing. Just to get used to things!

Brookston even fell asleep at one point! When we had our boat he OFTEN did it was quite cute!

Mommy & the big kiddos took the paddle boat down to the "store" and got icee's and ice cream!