Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A second first day

Today was Brookston's first day at his new school! It sounds like he had a great day!!

Bye bye house

It was a very strange feeling pulling away from this house for the last time! We got married while we were in this house. Had 3 babies while living in this house! This really is the place where our entire family grew from the start!

Bye's been a great 7 years!

New House!!

We arrived to our new house Sunday evening. The movers were expected by Wednesday, but the driver called Sunday afternoon saying he would be there Monday morning!!! Yay!!

So, we came to check out the empty house, so the kids could see the place we had been talking about for weeks!!! Oh, and I had yet to see it in person too!

Here are the kids just rolling around! Just as you'd expect in a completely empty house!! :)