Wednesday, May 7, 2014

4k Mother's Day tea

Once again, the teachers, kids and school went above and beyond to put together an amazing Mother's Day tea for us mommies! The kids worked for many many weeks on their songs, dances, and crafts!

Below is a little peak into the time together. But of course my batterywas about   to die so I didn't get pictures of their last couple dances!

My beautiful fairy in the secret garden. 

She's bringing me my special breakfast!

The lovely display. I was greeted at the gate with a bouquet of flowers. I was served breakfast. Fruit and yogurt with a cup of granola. And 3 precious bitterly cookies, which of course mommy shared. The great pictures at my place setting. A box with a cross pin inside. A pad of paper made especially by her, with a drawing of us together in the corner. And an entire book full of special art work!!

Their first dance (she's in the blue on the left side)

Mommy and daughter 

The whole class with their incredible teacher!

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Seven years ago, this amazing kiddo made me a mother!

Happy 7th birthday buddy!