Monday, June 23, 2014

Family at the beach

We had an awesome week meeting Richard's family at the beach. Hopefully we can start an annual trip to meet somewhere. Everyone had a great time at the beach, in the pools, spending dinners at each other's condos and out exploring. 

Here's the whole crew together after a dinner!

And the 5 brothers on the beach!

The 9 kids!

Our munchkins...not what is call a successful photo shoot! But hey, it's what we got!

This one was a little better when I was just sitting on the chair hanging out. Helps that Rinley was happy because she was not happy for the other pictures. 

Grandpa with all 9 kids. 

Some entertainment between photos 

And then there was the water play at the condos....

And the amusement park...

And the pirate ship...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


The before....

....and the after!!

(You'll notice a ton of new posts after this one. I was a bit behind in posting and just played catch up from a busy month of May!)

Crawfish in Florida

FINALLY!!! We've lived in Florida for a year and a half and we finally did a crawfish boil! Since I'm a little behind in posting this was almost 2 weeks ago, so we are hoping to do another one, maybe this weekend, before the season is over!

The beach

Rinley had a blast for her first beach trip!!!

And so did all the kids!! Going to the beach with friends is so much fun!!

Silly silly kids

I honestly have no idea why, but the kids ran out of graduation wearing these. Kaisley was beyond giddy! She thought it was hilarious!!

The boys got in on the fun!

And we didn't want to leave Rinley out!

Prek grad

Our precious prek grad with her amazing teacher!! 

Can I tell you how much I love this school. I don't think I could put it into words. If I didn't love it through the year, when I got their end of the year folder, rather notebook, no, binder, I was left floored. Plus, the fact that the teacher took the time to not just put it all together (a booklet if their academic progress, crafts, fun) but to make a CD with hundreds of pictures for every single kid!

Then let's add that seeing those pictures gave me a bigger look into their daily routine and fun. Seriously, we hit the jackpot with this school. They do so much and have so much fun!!!! Lucky Sutton, he goes there in the fall!

Lost teeth

Oh no! I forgot to post exciting news back in March...Brookston finally lost his first tooth, March 22nd! Lost another in April. 

And the third in May!

So proud of this kiddo!

This is a hard earned medal!! It's his reading medal! He got it with a little less than 3 weeks of school left, which was a big deal when we got a little behind and had to play catch up! But he did it. And not just by the end of the year, but with 3 weeks left! He really worked for this! And we are so proud!

Dance dance dance

I'm a few weeks behind now, but Kaisley had a weekend of dance. On Saturday she had her dance recital from the class she takes at school. 

She and her friends did great!

As an added bonus, when the little girls are in prek, about to graduate. They do a special daddy and daughter dance! They had 3 Friday evening practices and I know Kaisley enjoyed every minute of it. The dance was absolutely precious! Really makes a mama tear up!!!

Then on Sunday, daddy and Kaisley had a masquerade ball to attend! Talk about a daddy and daughter weekend!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014