Monday, November 28, 2011

The Birthday Boy

It's official. He's ONE! Shortly after waking up in the morning, we did a few presents. He of course enjoyed the wrapping paper, the big kids enjoyed helping him open the presents, and eventually he got to the toys!

We did a little get together for him around dinner time.

I was very pleased with his teddy bear cake, presents and his very own smash cake (something I've never done before!)

A few decorations

He pretty much stayed in the pool of balls, barely interested in stopping for cake!

He was pretty excited to hear people sing to him...he is clapping here!

He either wanted Daddy to dip his finger in the icing or he was pointing at people, not sure which here, since he kept doing both!

Sitting in his cool chair (of course with balls) and presents!

Opening presents with Mommy

Our sweet boy


Checking out his new book

Cousins playing

This was Princess Kaisley, Queen Hailey, King Brookston, and Prince Sutton

Oh my cuteness!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

Good news: We went to visit Santa today.

Bad news: The printer wasn't working when we got there and by the time it was our turn, the camera wasn't working either.

Good news: They said normally they do not allow cameras or phones, as you have to buy their pictures, if you want a picture. But since their camera wasn't working, they allowed us to take our own pictures. (at least we had our phones)

Bad news: Kaisley was very timid (even though she was so excited for days) and Sutton totally freaked out!!

Good news: While they were trying to figure out the camera/printer, Santa came over and talked to the kids.

Bad news: Even though we were only about 6th in line, we were there for a good 20 minutes.

Good news: It all ended just fine!

Kaisley ignoring Santa

Brookston telling Santa that he wants a car that goes super fast!

Mailing a letter to Santa, so he remembers the super fast car!

Here was round one last year. Followed by a sibling picture to introduce Sutton.

And this year was in parts...

First Brookston!

Tried to add Sutton, since Kaisley was being very clingy. Whoa, that didn't go well.

Okay, take Sutton back to calm down. Daddy eases Kaisley on the arm of the chair, by standing RIGHT by her side.

Add in Sutton and there you have it...a loving and happy 4 year old (who is tired of smiling at this point), a very shy 2 year old (which blows my mind to call her shy) and totally freaked out 1 year old!

In their hats

Went for a little ride on the Merry Go Round before we left!

We almost never ride, so I hope I didn't just start something!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

He's almost one!

It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that my baby is almost one. Really? When did this happen??? Thankfully, he's now sleeping better, screaming little, and such a fun little guy. I'm loving be able to watch my littlest man turn into this sweet little thing! He loves to wave to EVERYONE (with a new wave that goes side to side, instead of opening and closing his hand), he is obsessed with fish, and enjoys big kid toys, like cars. He's not a big fan of the car, but I can't blame him, we drive a lot! He's becoming a really good eater, like the other kiddos at this age. He's a big bath lover...but he sure does protest getting out! He has 5 teeth, with #6 wanting so badly to bust through. He loves his paci, still (I say that like it's been forever, but if you read my post a few weeks ago, he only started a few weeks ago) and I love it even more. He's not even remotely interested in walking. He will cruise around a table or when pushing a toy around...but you take him away from that, or try to put him down by standing (even if you hold his hands), he will just immediately sit down. But, he can crawl super fast! :) Probably one of the CUTEST things I've seen him do is crawl up the little two steps in the bathroom, up to the sink. And immediately when he pulls up he can see himself in the mirror, he'll start waving. Love it. I'm enjoying this stage SO MUCH!

Oh, and the relationship between all 3 kids...absolutely the best. They all love each other so much and THAT right there is absolutely heart melting! You can see that Sutton loves his big brother and sister. He follows them, laughs with them, and tries his hardest to do what they do. And then to see how sweet and kind Kaisley and Brookston are with their baby brother. Oh, precious! Kaisley is constantly talking to him. She wants him to follow, asks him to what he wants to do, if he wants to play with her toys, she helps feed him, I think she enjoys a real live baby doll! :) Then Brookston, our sweet, gentle big brother. He is so caring and helpful. And melts my heart to hear him ask when we are going to have another baby. I usually say to him, it's going to be a while buddy, why do you ask? And he says because he loves Sutton and he wants another baby like him! Awwww!

(Just for the record, yes, it's going to be a baby #4 in the plans for a while!)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big boy hair cut

I have given Sutton 3 little trims in the last few months. Mostly just around the ears, a tad in the front too, but that's it. But, check out the back of his hair...I needed to clean this up! So on Monday, during bath, I brought out the scissors. He did really well, because he was playing in the bath the entire time. Unfortunately I got to focus on one side a lot more than the other since all he wanted to do was play in the running water.

I know the haircut wasn't perfect...but I was fiarly pleased. This picture was actually before I fixed up the front so it wasn't so choppy. But I needed to get a picture while he was happy. Really though, oh my goodness, he looks like Brookston here!!!!

I was just glad that the back was no longer a huge mess! But now it begins...monthly haircuts..and he's not even one! OY! This is one, and possibly the only, place that boys are more high maintenance than girls! LOL!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh right, Halloween

I tried to post about Halloween the other night and my pictures wouldn't upload, so I gave up...sorry it's so late. Anyway, we started the evening by attending an awesome "Fall Fest" at the church where Kaisley goes to Mother's Day Out. The kids had a blast playing games, bouncing on jumpers and eating lots of yummy food! They really did a great job with their Fall Fest! We probably stayed about an hour and a half, then went to trick or treat for about an hour, just making the block around our neighborhood. Cousin Hailey joined us for the evening, so you know the kiddos had a great time!

The two princesses!

Pirate and spiderman playing with their awesome light sticks from Unlce Lloyd

Knock, knock, knock...

Spiderbaby had his first ride in the wagon...and LOVED it!

The kiddos checking out their goods!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One week ago

Last Tuesday Kaisley shared a paci with Sutton, as she often does when she wakes up in the morning. Normally Sutton chews on it, attempts to suck on it, but never got the actual sucking down, so it was more a teether for him.  Well, last week, Sutton took it and started sucking away, like he had been doing it for 11 months. Ha!! And he's been loving them ever since!!

Many would call me crazy, but I'm giving that boy a paci...and he likes it! Sure, this may mean at 2.5 or 3 we have to "wean" him. But this also means I have a good 1.5-2 years of potentially soothing times by a paci!

Yes, I'm excited about this...even if most would call me crazy!