Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New stuff

Today was an exciting day for all 3 kids!

This morning Sutton started soccer in a little program called soccer. tots. His age group is for 18 months to 27 months. He's currently 25 months. How cute is that?!? They started off with some kiddie version of stretching, Sutton didn't participate in this at all, but really enjoyed watching Coach Sarah and mommy do it! Then we did some warm stuff and he got really into it. And he was really rather good at soccer stance and tapping and rolling his foot on the ball, awesome balance! Although we shouldn't expect any different, kicking a soccer ball after all is the reason he FINALLY walked at almost 18 months! They did some kicking around and into the net. He thought he was mister cool! We did some fun little games with cones, both "pow"ing them onto the ground and then getting to kick them over, we used pool noodles and a parachute! Overall he had a blast! He was running and screaming in excitement!

Then, after school pick up, we headed to a gymnastic and taekwondo location. Mommy is beyond excited that this place has both and a class for each kid, at the same time! Score for mommy!!

So, Kaisley went into her gymnastics class with a group of 6 kids and 2 teachers. Not a bad ratio if you ask me! I couldn't see her in every location since they rotate through a 20,000 sq ft gym along with about 6 other groups of levels and aged children. But I did get to see her for warm up, bars and beam. And she appeared to have a blast and said her favorite part was jumping. I think there's a trampoline at one station. She came out all smiles and about an hour later asked when she gets to go again...getting verification from me that this will be a regular thing!

Brookston's headed to taekwondo class a few minutes after Kaisley's class started. He was really excited! There is a great viewing area, but unfortunately he can see me in the mirror he looks at himself in. So, I tried to stand to the side while watching, but sometimes I couldn't see from there. So, if I was in plain site, he was easily distracted as silly. So, I didn't get to watch a lot of class (chasing a 2 year old was also part of that reason!). And I missed him breaking a board!!!!! He was so proud and excited when he came out from class with a board in 2 pieces and showed me how he hit the board with the base of his hand and broke it! So fun!! He's really pumped up about class!

So, Tuesday for us is now a fun and busy day for our kids...hopefully that will translate into good nights of sleep!! :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Florida in the winter

The life of a Floridian at Christmas! :)