Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fishing at Lake Bruin

Last week we headed up to visit "Yaya" & "Papa". These are the parents of our friends. We've tagged along with our friends a number of times to visit Yaya and Papa at their lake house, but a few times they've been so sweet as to invite us up, just our family (since their kids are far, FAR away)! We have a blast on our little vacation and we enjoy visiting with them so much!

I decided I'd split up our lake trip in a few posts...that way I'm more likely to actually post. I'll get them up quick and not have to think "when will I have time to go through ALL of those pictures and do a big old post!"

So, first up is fishing.....

The first day, mid morning it rained a little bit...but it was PERFECT for fishing. The kids did great and were catching a BUNCH!

They fished on and off ALL week...and did pretty well!

This was a required picture. We have one of Brookston when he was a baby (although he was maybe 4 weeks old at the time), as well as Kaisley as a baby. So, daddy made sure to take Sutton fishing at Lake Bruin as well. It was rather entertaining though...he really wanted to help!

Okay, so this is a little swimming too...

And I just couldn't resist this cuteness!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Love a baby laugh?

Man this kiddo is cute! Love to hear that laugh....

Pictures from our Lake week are coming soon (I hope!)

Quick stuff

This is a couple weeks old now, but poor Sutton, he wants to crawl so bad. Instead he goes backwards often and gets himself into little situations like this! :) He also goes in circles, rolls, pushes, and so on...just no forward progress yet!

I love this above! What are they called? I can't seem to remember! Anyway, this was part of Richard's father's day present that Brookston made at school! Love it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Siblings pictures is not my strong point

Well, taking siblings pictures is not exactly my strong point! While I got a few cute expressions, the purpose of these pictures were to show their cute sibling shirts...which you can't see much of them at all! Maybe I need to try again with them all laying down and me above them!

Anyway, the shirts are all the same picture (which you can see okay). Then Brookston's says "the oldest", Kaisley's says "the middle", and Sutton's says "the youngest"!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who needs baby food?

After night number 1 of solid food (cereal) going okay, night number 2 was only so so. Then, thing pretty much went down hill! I gave it a break after a few days of totally no success, then decided to try veggies. Maybe a little more flavor? Or maybe the cereal bothered him? I started with squash, he liked it! Night #1 was great, #2 was so so, #3 was pretty good. So, on to sweet potatoes. No go! That was tonight. He took maybe 2-3 bites, but after that, it was back to him sticking his tongue out and not wanting anything to do with it. Other than getting the spoon from me...then starring ME down as I ate!

So, I gave him a corn on the cob. He was in heaven! So, it sounds like possibly "Baby Lead Weaning" may be what he likes the best! Baby Lead Weaning is where you skip baby food and just give them real food to start exploring textures in full form, not mush. They gum things, suck on things and eventually learn to chew and bite pieces. It may be a slow start, but he seems much happier when he's gotten a hold of mamas apple, daddy's cantelope or given his very own corn!

Please see my posts below....I had a busy blogging night! ;)


Kaisley gets her medal!

Kaisley had her end of semester award's show was this week. She attended class as the little sister for so long, then she did an 8 week trial last fall. So this was her first semester, in which she gets her very own medal. And in perfect timing because she sure was checking out Brookston's soccer medal from the other weekend!

Flying during warm ups!

The second best part of class (the best is bubbles!)

Rolling through the hoop with Ms. Erin!

She loves the hoola hoop!

Doing her own trick!

Doing a trick for Ms. Erin!

Receiving her award (she was just standing there starring off to the back of the was quite funny! She barely moved a muscle up there!)

Playing "drums" at the end of class!

First swim

Not our first swim of the season, but Sutton's first swim ever! :) He seemed to enjoy himself!

We invited Richard's brother and his family come to our neighborhood pool for a swim. So this is Kaisley, Richard, our niece Hailey, Brookston, Sutton, and Me!

Kaisley's bobo!

Poor girl! It's her turn for her "big bobo". We were going for a walk around the neighborhood last night and she fell, not once, but twice! And within about 10 feet! Of course in this picture it's all wrapped up, but that's the only way she would be "okay". At this point she was a tad proud of her "big bandaid"! She even got the limp down! ;)