Tuesday, September 9, 2014

She's one

Our sweet little girl....one!

She had a wonderful birthday party with a few friends at the house over the weekend, Hawaiian themed! Then on her birthday, we headed to the beach for dinner!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mom and Dad

Us!! We enjoyed ourselves a Dolphin's game! Along with a couple friends. Fun night. Yay!!! Go Fins!!

First days

The big kids are starting their 3rd week of school this week.  Kaisley was excited to have the same kindergarten teacher that Brookston had 2 year ago! And while she doesn't "really" know anyone (siblings from Brookston's friends and a girl from a 1 week camp she went to), she's been very happy, coming home with smiles and excited about elementary school! Oh and the bus, always the highlight of the day!!

Brookston has a year of transition. He was in kindergarten and 1st grade with a lot of the same kids, so this year not having ANY of his friends in class, it was a new start. But, he is very social, so it shouldn't be long! Plus, they seemed to jump right in to the school work this year, so that is taking some getting used to. For mommy too!

Sutton started 3 year old preschool TODAY! He was really excited to be going to big boy school, where Kaisley has been the last 2 years. Kaisley's 3 year old teacher is no longer teaching, but this teacher seems just as wonderful! And he is in the organge class. Talk about a score for Sutton!!

My Little Helper

Seriously so cute!! She continued to grab clothes out of my hands and put them in the dryer for me! Thanks baby girl!