Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family Easter Pictures

I have a number of posts I've been wanting to make, but things seem to have gotten a little chaotic, hopefully posts will be coming soon about Brookston's trike-a-thon at school, his first school field trip, their Easter egg hunt, Easter, and so on. But for now, I at the very least have a new family picture. I decided it was waaaaay past time to update the picture at the top of the blog. And while this pictures isn't the best (poor Sutton isn't even looking), the previous picture was from LAST Easter and baby Sutton wasn't but the size of a lima bean!'s our family...Easter, 2011!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boots, dos, tres

Dora (and boots) must have something to do with Kaisley telling me, "I'm counting! It's Spanish! Boots, dos, tres!"

Then she tells me she learned it in school. (She doesn't go to school!)

We were however talking about Brookston having Spanish at school. But we weren't saying numbers at all. We were only talking about "transportation".

Too funny that it's Boots though. When I said uno, dos, tres. She repeated, "boots, dos, tres, it's Spanish!"

Friday, April 15, 2011

Everyone wants a turn!!

It's been long overdue, but Sutton finally got to enjoy his exersaucer this week! He really loves it, afterall, he's plenty strong to hang out in it and can reach for his, he's doing great!

And he of course loves when he gets attention from his siblings!

But, we can't pull out a new "toy", without big brother....

and big sister trying it out too!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

3-4 year old soccer

Brookston started soccer with the YMCA this spring. SO CUTE to watch 3 & 4 year olds playing soccer. It's actually a lot more "organized" than I thought it would be. Of course the goal is only to kick the ball. There are no positions and there's barely an understanding of not stealing it from your own team for some kids. Or, mine we need to work on, don't just let the other team pass you by! As sweet as it is to see, this isn't a game of taking turns! :)

For the first game, Brookston was a part of the coin toss!

One of his best friend's from school was on the other team

I find this picture me it looks like all of the kids are just looking at the ball, not a single one appears to be going for it!

Before the second game, we had team they are, in all their cuteness!

My soccer playing boy!

And here he is in action!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Room transitions

Until recently Sutton was perfectly happy in our room and it was going well. Mostly because he was not a fan of sleeping in long stretches, so mommy liked having him right there! But a couple weeks ago, not only was he not sleeping in long stretches, he just plain old wasn't sleeping!

Something needed to change because mama was lucky to get 3-4 hours of sleep, broken up 6-8 times in an 8 hour stretch. So after 2 weeks of that, we decided to make the big room transition!'s Sutton happily wrapped like a burrito in his crib!

But, in order to get Sutton into the crib we had to get Kaisley into the BIG GIRL bed!!!!

And she's doing great!!! Not only is she in her big girl bed, but she's also in Brookston's room. Honestly, this was a huge, scary step for me. I pictured the worst and what do you know, it's been amazingly perfect. (Knock on wood!) They've shared their room all week and so far, they've only needed a few gentle reminders that it was time for bed, not play!