Thursday, May 3, 2007

Brookston's Birth Story

We started with an induction at 3am on May 3rd. Everything progressed wonderfully to 10cm and around 2pm I was told to start pushing. His head was still high (I was at zero station: -3 is floating high, 0 is right at the birth canal, +3 is crowning) At this point the pushing was to help get his head a little lower since he was at zero station. In addition, he was facing sideways. So doc hoped that pushing would turn him face down. After 2 hours of pushing and my doctor actually turning his head to face down, he didn't budge and we went in for a c/s.

The c/s went well and I even was allowed to watch in a mirror while Richard got some pictures. Nothing graphic as we were just seeing him born, not my insides! :) :) It was amazing to actually see him AS he was born!

I was sewed up while Brookston was checked out. After all was done, I was wheeled out on my bed, holding our new baby boy in my arms. We had about 3 minutes to say hi to the family and friends that were there. Then I was off to recovery and he was off to the nursery.

Unfortunately both Brookston and I were running a slight fever, so he had to be in the nursery for 4 hours as them monitored him. All was fine after his 4 hours stay and he joined us in my room at 9:30pm.

I am loving being a mommy and he is just the most beautiful baby ever! Of course I would think that! He is an absolute joy and I melt every time I look at him or talk about him. Richard is a wonderful daddy, as I knew he would be. He's always been amazing with babies and kids!


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