Friday, November 13, 2009

Not much to report

I've gone a bit longer than usual without blogging, but that's because not much has been going on...other than doctor's appointments. Six in 2 weeks actually! And a number more to go! Between an eye doctor's appointment for me (new glasses after 10 years! YAY!), a couple ear appointments for Kaisley (we are currently doing antibiotics and a steroid to see if we can get rid of fluid in her ears and see if THAT's the reason she has failed two hearing screenings in 2.5 months) :( and then my knee appointments (which are nowhere near done, I seem to have stumped two doctors so far and an MRI and possible visit with a rheumatologist are now in order...lovely...I'm too young for this!!!)

I think all of these appointments have gotten me way out of my norm and in a slump. I've spent a LOT of time in doctor's offices (3 hours just today) and little time doing my fun kiddy stuff with a combo of being productive. Not to mention our week + of time being home and in hiding due to the swine flu! So, thus the reason for not much to say! Maybe come Thanksgiving & Christmas we'll have lots of fun stuff to post about again!

Thank goodness for Mother's Day Out though! Have I mentioned that?? Brooskton started MDO the first week of October (when we got home from the beach) and HE LOVES IT! Mommy does too! At least all of these appointments have only been with one child (usually), instead of two!

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Sara said...

I hope Kaisley's ears clear up soon! Hopefully it is the fluid that is causing the negative hearing tests.
Glad to see you blogging - I always love to look at your pictures!