Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sutton's first real bath

As many of you know, my kids have very stubborn umbilical cord stumps. Brookston's took 10 weeks to fall off. At that time, I made a few special doctor's appointments since this was unusual, not to mention it was still there for the 2 month appointment. So, we went from doing alochol on his stump just once a day (which was the current recommendation), to alcohol on his stump at every diaper change (which was the previous recommendation), to doing nothing (a new study had just come out showing that the average length of time was 8 days if you did nothing, instead of the 10 days using alcohol). After all of this, it still took 10 weeks.

Come Kaisley, it was the same routine...we tried everything. And trust me, I was getting in there good. Can you imagine how many times I was asked if I was doing it right!??! I refer back to the study showing if you do NOTHING it falls off "faster". Ummm, not my babies! Anyway, her stump was still rather attached at 10 weeks and it was cut and cauterized!

So...when Sutton's stump fell off yesterday morning at just 6 1/2 weeks...I was thrilled! Hahaha!

So, here he is enjoying a real bath! It's funny because after 6 weeks of really good sponge baths (almost 27 weeks when you combine all 3 kids), this almost seemed harder! With so much practice doing sponge baths, I got REALLY good at them! :)

Okay, enough history, here he is...he LOVED you can probably tell by all of these smiles he was flashing!

Of course when I switch the camera to video mode the smiles stopped and he started observing...but I still had to post the "big event"!

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The Captain's Wife said...

He is so alert and happy!! These pics make him "appear" so much older than 6.5 weeks! I can't believe he is already almost 2 mos old. Unreal~