Friday, September 2, 2011

9 months old

Someone please explain how this little guy will be one year old in just 3 short months???? Richard has asked me a couple times if I have started to plan his 1st birthday party. No, I refuse to believe it. Has it really already been 9 months?

My "skinny" baby is 18 pounds, 12 ounces and 28.25 inches, putting him right at 50th percentile for both. (Although I think they were off on the height, we shall see next time I guess!) This 50th percentile thing is such uncharted territory in our family, I just don't know what to make of it! :)

And pssst, it's a secret, but he's sleeping a tad better these days.
PLEASE don't tell anyone!!!! I don't want to jinx things! ;)

His pictures started off a little shaky. He wasn't into it at all. There were a couple poses that we got NOTHING because he was clingy, didn't want to sit, didn't want to smile. But we busted out with some props and he was a HAPPY boy! He loved the football, sitting in the chair, and especially loved the briefcase (and so did I!)


Anonymous said...

He is so cute! Can't wait to see all of you in a couple of weeks!! MOM

Michelle Walker said...

Shelley--these pics are PRECIOUS!! He's such a gorgeous boy! I can't believe it's been nine months either!

Kim said...

Oh my goodness! When did he get so big?!