Monday, October 31, 2011

Pre Halloween recap

Well, I forgot my camera to two of our biggest Halloween events (the pumpkin patch and Sor.ority Row Trick or Treat), but, I have a lot of other fun ones from this month...

Sutton loved his first pumpkin

Brookston's class visited a pumpkin patch and I was able to go on my first field trip with him! I had so much fun and I know the kids did too!

Brookston having fun!

Brookston and some school friends

These glasses were hilarious!!!

The kids had so much fun!

And Sutton did pretty good trying to do them on his own!

Brookston finished up his second soccer season!

We attended Boo at the Zoo again this year!

Brookston's class did Trick or Treating at school

Sutton at 11 months!

Brookston tried Daddy's costume on!

Sutton at the Pumpkin Patch...all we had were cell phones, so we didn't get much.

Carving pumpkins at home!

Mommy made Minnie for Kaisley

Daddy made Mickey for Brookston

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