Sunday, May 12, 2013

Great day

Mother's Day was wonderful!

We went to church, follows by brunch at a local diner we often visit after church. I was "kicked out" of the house, so I went shopping! Richard cooked dinner while I sat and watched the kids play in the front yard and street with the neighbors. We enjoyed a wonderful meal. And the kids gave me the sweetest gift, ever!! I'd say today was perfect!

The kids were super sweet! Here's a favorite moment from each kid:

At church Brookston gets tokens in class to earn prizes and today he wanted to cash one in. He chose this little monster finger puppets (3 for 1 token) and when he was asked what colors he said red, orange and pink. When he said orange, I suspected, but when he said pink I KNEW, one was for his brother (orange is Sutton's favorite color) and the other his sister (pink!) My heart melted with his thoughtfulness!!

Tonight, I gave Kaisley a big hug and told her "thank you for being so wonderful to me this Mother's Day." She responded, "thank you for being such a wonderful mommy!" Heart melt when those things are totally unprompted!

And Sutton, I probably got about 27 kisses in a row at one point. He just kept requesting, so I certainly wasn't going to stop that sweetness!

As for my awesome gift. While I was gone the kids and daddy made a box of "Hugs with Words". They decorated it and daddy wrote a super sweet note inside. Then there were tons of notes filing the box of sweet thank you's from each kid (even baby #4), as well as daddy!

I'm an emotional person, ESPECIALLY while pregnant (but that's just an excuse, I'm always emotional now!) it was tough to hold back the happy tears! I don't think the kids would have really understood "happy tears" I had to stop myself! The box was so sweet! Such a pick me up and so precious! It was amazing! I only read a handful and hope to have this box to read from occasionally. But as Richard and I discussed, I'll probably dive in and read them all sometime tomorrow! ;)

Serious sweetness! And a wonderful day! Thank you Richard and kiddos! I'm so thankful to be your mommy!

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