Sunday, February 23, 2014

She's 5

This sweet thing is 5! So hard to believe! 

She is such a girlie girl! Loves pink, sparkles, dress up, and accessories. She wants to wear last year's dance costume all the time (like to the bus stop, to play outside). And asks all the time! For her party, she got a yes! She was thrilled!! :)

She wanted another gymnastics party!

With a ballet slipper cake!

She had a great time!!

And then she had her birthday celebration at school (a day early, because of a special event at school on her birthday)

At her request, a cookie cake, with yellow flowers (she saw this the other day at the store and had to have it herself), and Happy Birthday written in pink! According to the teacher, it was a big hit, with a very quiet room of children enjoying cookie cake!

Her school has so much fun stuff celebrating a birthday. Here they were dancing around Kaisley, as she pretended to be the candle! I was able to go and be a part of the fun, along with Sutton and Rinley! It was so cute!

Then, finally her actual birthday!!


Breakfast donuts!

Pedicure with mommy!! Such a fun girl time! She even got a flower on her big toe, which she loved!

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