Friday, March 14, 2014

Half birthday

This cutie pie is a half already! How is that even possible???

She's 19 lbs 7oz and 27 inches

She loves to smile. And will smile so easily. She loves attention, from her siblings, mommy or daddy, or even a stranger. But especially a kid!

She's a screamer!! Mostly a happy scream. A scream that can be ear piercing. But it's filled with joy and makes me laugh!

She can roll, but usually would rather not. She can sit, really well. And these days prefers sitting over laying!

She's a chewer! On toys, on toes, on fingers, but thankfully while eating was short lived!

She started baby food and seems to like it. But we haven't done it enough to really get the whole eating thing down. 

She's not a fan of her car seat. But if she's fed and not too tired (or just ready enough for a nap), a drive will go "ok"!

She is a fan of her paci! And her feet!

She sleeps when she wants. Some naps are 20 minutes, some are 3 hours. (And maybe some more would be 3 hours if I didn't have to go pick someone up or take someone somewhere...but that's the life of #4!) And nights are usually routine with a waking somewhere between 12 and 2, but I'm ok with that. And really after that, who knows what to expect. 

She's such a happy baby, and still really easy overall. I just can't believe she's 6 months already. It really does make me sad

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