Monday, August 17, 2015

Family fun weekend

We labeled this weekend as family fun weekend.  We asked each kid what they wanted to do at their number one fun activity.

First up was bowling, K's idea.
Next up was putt putt, S's idea.
Then was the idea to parasail, B's idea.

However that idea was shot down because the water was too rough for kids, and they couldn't even get their little dingy boat out the parasailing boat because the waves were too big.  So, we made the best of it and ended up with a wonderful day at the beach doing things we don't normally do.  Like, renting one of those cheesy bikes.  We've done it once before, and the kids loved it.  We had lunch at a place right on the beach. They played in the fountains at the beach.  It was a wonderful day.  But of course not quite was B had in mind.  Luckily we made up for it a month or so later!

Our last day was another full day trip out on the boat.  It was on a Monday, so the water was really quiet.  And the sandbar was REALLY quiet!  I think we were the second boat out there, but the first on the sandbar, so the kids really enjoyed taking it over.  We played a lot there.  Unfortunately the jellyfish were out quite a bit...that part was not fun.  One even coasted by and got B a little!  Poor guy!!!! It wasn't bad, but certainly made for a little less fun hanging out in the water!  Some of them were HUGE!!!  Overall, our last day of "family fun weekend" was a hit!

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