Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pool friends and bunny visits

A day of fun with a friend and the pool...can't get much better!

We bunny sat for almost 3 weeks. The kids had mixed emotions of loving it and being over it. It was a good lesson in pets and a good lesson to realize we don't need one. ;) 

Really though, after that bunny got over the until excitement of 4 kids, and after we could trust it to roam the house freely, since it did great doing so...we had an easy time with the cute little guy! It became a normal part of our morning to dash around excited to see us and sniff the kids hair if they were laying on the floor, or run by their feet all excited.  And in the evening it would often come hop on the couch and sit close to us, or get some exercise darting all over the house like a little kid. It was rather cute!

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