Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Prek Christmas show

Sutton in his prek Christmas show.  He was one of the wise men, in the blue.  I adore this Christmas show!  He was adorable and appeared to have a blast.  Unfortunately Richard was already in North Carolina, working, but the actually live streamed it, so he got to see the whole thing.  HOW COOL!!!

This picture is just adorable to me.....Our 3 big kids and this family of 3 kids are all in class together this year!  Brookston with their daughter, Kaisley with their daughter, and Sutton with their Sutton.  Kaisley actually enjoyed her preschool 3 and prek 4 and first grade with this friend!  I'm pretty sure this was Kaisley's first friend when we first moved to Florida!  And then Sutton and his buddy were in their 3 year old and prek 4 class together as well!  LOVE IT!

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