Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow #1 and snow #2

January 17th - Just 2 weeks after moving to North Carolina we saw our first snow flurries!  It wasn't much, but it was exciting for these Florida kids!  While Brookston and Kaisley have seen a little snow while in Louisiana, it's nothing they remember.  So, this was a BIG deal...and their main source of excitement for moving to NC!

Round two of snow was a little more exciting.  This was January 22nd and this was caused school to be cancelled.  There was also sledding...although we have been here such a short amount of time, we had to really reach for ideas...plastic bins, cardboard boxes, pool blow up toys!  :)

The intro to snow

Trying to figure out this white stuff

Our house in the snow

Kaisley sledding!

Sledding down the hills with neighbors!

Brookston going down at the neighbor's house!

Sutton enjoying the snow!

Finding a new location and more neighbors and more hills!

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