Sunday, November 13, 2016

Weekend in the water

For the long weekend, we surprised the kids at Wol.f  Boy were they excited when we rounded the corner to the parking lot and saw the sign!

Sutton was tall enough to do every slide except for one.  And he did them all.  Over and over and over again.  He had a blast!  I was so impressed!

Rinley enjoyed her time in the little kid area...a lot!  But she didn't spend her whole time there, she did some pretty big slides too!  The first time she went down, I couldn't believe it!  And she wanted to go again and again!  Each time, I was still in shock!

Kaisley was super lucky and super excited that her friend from 2nd grade was also there!  They had a blast together!  And it was quite nice for mommy and daddy to know she was with a friend and having fun!

Brookston enjoyed his time just as much as everyone else.  Tall enough for everything and with the desire for the thrill...he did it all!  I will say, the one time mommy did the tornado with him (I was backwards), that was enough for me!  And I even like those kind of things!  But, we had a blast!

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