Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kids Spartan

Brookston rocking the 1 mile race!  Round one he didn't get too terribly dirty, but on round 2, he went full on and rolled down the mud hills!  He did great!  We are pretty sure in the entire race he took 8th place!  WOW!!!

What a trooper!  Sutton wasn't 100% sure if he wanted to participate in a muddy race.  But, he wanted to try it, had a friend join in, and had a blast!  He did great, avoided TOO much mud and had is already wanting to do it again.  Actually, he did do it again...the same day!

This girl was motivated!  At some point Kaisley got a deal out of us, including if she won.  She had us wondering for a little bit of the race if we would have to follow through with our end of the deal as she was really up there in the front of the pack!  She did amazing on this 1/2 mile course and finished what we think was 5th place...2nd girl finisher! 

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