Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Size 5

I go work out a couple times a week and the kids stay in the gym play area during that time. When I picked up the kids yesterday, I was told they changed Kaisley's diaper. Later when I went to go change her again, she had on a size FIVE diaper! Do you know how big that is on a 4 month old!?!!? :)
I wonder if they thought I was a crazy mama putting size 5's in the bag (that's Brookston's size!) and just didn't see the size 2's for her! Or, if they didn't even notice!!!!
I'll admit, I've gone to put a size 5 on her before, but quickly realized just how darn big they were!
Just made me giggle when I noticed! :)


Jenny Davie said...

I love the pix and all the updates!! Keep it coming!

Kim said...

he he he I have put size 5s on C. He is a size 3.

Anonymous said...

Funny! When Peyton was about 6m I went to change her in public to quickly realize I had not refilled my wipes or diapers for her! I ended up wetting paper towels and had to put one of Carter pull-ups on her! LOL! I now check the diaper bag to ensure I have everything instead of assuming!