Friday, July 3, 2009

Non stop crying!!!!

Can anyone help?

Kaisley seems to be crying ALL of the time these days!!! Is it still her shots? She had them on Tuesday. Last time she got a fever and her sleep schedule totally changed. At 2 months she was sleeping about 8-10 hours. Then she went down to 5-6, sometimes took us a month to get her back to 8-10. Now, at 4 months, no fever, but at night she's only sleeping like 3 hours at a time, waking up, crying and miserable. And this time, she doesn't want to go back to sleep! Every time we try to put her to sleep, she cries for sometimes over an hour...she's miserable and so am I! Night time is awful, but now so is nap time!!!! :(

I've tried altering her nap times, night times, eating times.
She's swaddled, so I've tried to unswaddle (that goes even worse as her arms and legs kick NON stop).

I'm about to lose my mind....I seriously spend like 6 hours a day holding a crying baby trying to get her to go to sleep...I know she's exhausted....I sure am!

Can anyone following help???


Amanda said...

I'm so sorry. Is it too early to teeth? Have you changed your diet? That is the age that we stop swaddling because my girls had control of their arms. It caused crying but not that much. I hope you figure it out. Perhaps call the doctor just in case it is an ear infection or something.


D said...

Could be teeth or gas. When Derek is having a rough day with sleep I put him in our sling and carry him. It's nice to have free hands.

Lara said...

(((hugs))) I just posted to you on FB too.

I also thought about changing her sleep position. What about trying to let her sleep on her tummy?!? I know that's supposed to be "bad" but honestly it's saved my sanity. I know that you have the AngelCare monitor too, so that could help put your mind at ease as well. My kids are both tummy sleepers and my pedi says that it's fine. Kaisley is old enough and strong enough that she has head control so it shouldn't be unsafe. He also said that tummy sleeping seems more comfortable for kids with AR.

I also would think about starting on cereal. Especially if it's at night. The cereal would help fill her up a bit as well as being thick. We started Liv on cereal this week at her pedi's suggestion. With her AR it's good that it's a bit thicker and seems to stay in her tummy rather than coming back up.

(((hugs))) I hope you get an answer and some sleep soon!!!

Catie said...

One recommendation we give when we give shots it teething tabs for a couple of days after the shots, just to calm them because sometimes it can be a lingering ache in their legs or you can use tylenol. I tend to use teething tabs for their slight sedating effect. You could try cycling her legs because moving them will keep the muscles from getting too sore, which vaccines have a tendency to do to them. I hope she starts feeling better soon so her mommy can too.

Heather said...

HUGS! That is no fun :( I sure hope it passes soon! I would say teeth but I dont know. I remember Madison did this at this age and I stopped b-f then because it seemed to make her even more mad. Have u started her on baby food yet? Maybe she just needs a change?!??! HUGS!!!!!

mommylife said...

I don't know Shelley, I think I might say it could be teething as well. Or maybe something sat funny in her tummy. I hope that whatever it is she is feeling better soon. And, that everyone is having a good nights sleep!

Jenny Davie said...

I am so sorry friend - I can't even imagine how tired and frusterated you must, along with sad your lil one is not happy!! I will keep my fingers crossed! Love, Jenny Davie

Michelle said...

Thank you all for the responses! It's so hard to know...teeth, gas, swaddling, shots, pain, lack of sleep, hunger, breast feeding, needing more, needing solids...ahhhh!!! We had a decent night last night...however nap time was a nightmare again. Luckily she fell asleep in the highchair...I am NOT moving's been a hour!!!!! :)

Cassie said...

I don't know! I'm so sorry! Carter was like that when he was baby from colic/reflux/and milk sensitivity, but he was younger than Kaisley when he started with those, I wouldn't think she would be getting colic now. Have you tried offering her gas drops in case it's her tummy hurting? I wish I could offer you more help. Hang in there mama, and I hope she feels better soon, for everyone's sake! (((hugs)))