Sunday, September 20, 2009

LSU Football Game!


Richard and I are ticket holders for this year's LSU football season! We are sooo excited!

So far we've had 2 home games. We only have 2 tickets, so for the first one, we got a baby sitter. The second one, we decided that Daddy and Brookston would go! Then, fairly last minute a friend told us she had 2 extra tickets. So, Richard and Brookston joined our friend and Kaisley and I sat in our seats!

How lucky are these kiddos? At just 2 1/2 and 6 months old, they were able to go to see the Tigers play! (Yes, even babies have to have tickets for Tiger football!!!)

They both did great. Daddy said that Brookston was cheering and screaming "awww man" & "get him", right along with the crowd! He had a ball! Kaisley was in awe of everything and didn't even mind the very loud people surrounding us!

Grandpa Bob's seats are very close to we went to visit him after the first quarter!

Daddy and Brookston even came our way to join us for a little bit.

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Kim said...

That is so awesome! You look great BTW.