Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tooth Picture

Look really you see it? Bottom, middle, her right!
Okay, so maybe you'll need to click on this picture so you can blow it up...but it's there!

And then here's our baby girl the day she turned 7 months...obviously it's only a still picture, but she was clapping! She loves to clap!

I REALLY need to figure out videos on the internet. I was taping her clapping when daddy got home the other day. You could tell Kaisley heard his car pull into the driveway as she stretched her neck as far as she could backwards wondering what the noise way...the door opens and I've never seen a happier, more excited baby in my life! It was priceless...I hope to share it soon!


Heather said...

Oh I could eat her up - she is precious! And so happy!

Mami said...

She is a beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

she is so pretty and SO HAPPY!!!

Sara said...

Too adorable! Yay for teeth!