Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beach Pictures

Our Family
(not the professional pictures, but our version at least)

Brookston saw an airplane

Sweet sibling moments

Kaisley & Brookston

Kisses for baby sister

Kaisley on the beach

Brookston on the beach

Nana & Papa enjoying the water

Gigi, Nana, Lucas, and Kristi playing in the water

Mommy & Kaisley at a beautiful sunset

Lucas and Brookston enjoying the back porch


Brookston & Mommy enjoying a little tide pool

Brookston & Daddy coming back from fishing

The moon at sunset

Sisters at sunset - a must picture for mom! :)

Kaisley doing a little fishing with Daddy & Papa

Daddy & Kaisley

Kaisley enjoying the beach

Mommy & Kaisley under the tent enjoying the shade

Below is just a slideshow of some more pictures of the kids at the beach...


Reid said...

Beautiful pics!!!!!

Heather said...

aww, what great pictures and memories!

Karlee said...

Shel, your family is just beautiful! I love all the pictures!!! It looks like everyone had a great time.... Can't get over how big K is getting already!!

Sara said...

Awesome! I love the pics - and am just slighly jealous! :) It looks beautiful there!