Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our Beach Countdown

Well, we're back now...but I wanted to share the little countdown that Brookston and I did before we left for the beach! He was getting excited about his visit to see Nana and Papa! Aunt Kristi, Uncle Adam, cousin Lucas too! Along with some of Aunt Kristi's inlaws!

We were gone for a total of 11 days, so pardon my lack of posting...now I have a LOT of pictures to share! It was a fun, fun week! But a long, long drive!

We left on Friday, September 25th and we drove about 11.5 hours. Saturday we finished the drive up with another 6 hours. The kids did pretty well. Brookston better than Kaisley, but that's because he found a new love for the movie "Cars"!!! Kaisley would do okay for about 2 hours, then she'd get really cranky (til she finally gave in to sleep!!). So I spent a number of hours cramped between two car seats...not quite the most comfortable way to spend a 2 day car trip! But we all survived!

We enjoyed an entire week at the beach with BEAUTIFUL weather almost every day. We left the beach on Saturday and drove through Savannah, GA (took us a little under 6 hours) to visit my best friend from high school and finally meet her ONE YEAR OLD daughter! We actually arrived on her birthday! We spent all day Sunday, which was nice to hang out and enjoy each other's company and families. It was also a nice break before we tackled our 12 hour day!!!!

Like I said, TONS of pictures to come...but here's one that we took of our side of the family!

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