Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kaisley gets tubes

What baby wouldn't want to explore this place?

Just as happy as can be!

Check out the cute little teddy each child gets to take home!

Kaisley has been dealing with constant fluid in her ears for a good deal of her 9 months of life. She's only had one ear infection, but over the last 4 months, ever time her ears were looked at, there was tons of thick fluid. We tried waiting it out at first, especially since she seemed to have a cold the first time or two she was checked. Then we tried a round of antibiotics and steroids, but after the fluid still remained, we decided tubes would be next. Mostly because she has failed 2 hearing screenings, and her babbling seemed delayed. That darn fluid wouldn't go away and the poor thing was probably hearing a very muffled world!

So, this morning our happy little girl cluelessly went for tubes! She came out one very unhappy camper, crying for most of an hour. But I hear that's very common after anesthesia of a child. She napped for about 2 1/2 hours and now she's as happy as can be!

I hope this helps! I'm sure it will!


Unknown said...

hope she feels better and all that fluid goes away for good. She's too cute not to be talking up a storm. :)

Heather said...

So glad it went well! The crankiness doesn't sound fun - but at least it was short lived! Now that she's up and about, some of her musical toys might startle her at first. We noticed with Travis that when he got home and started playing, if a toy made noise he looked at it like "Whoa! that thing makes noise?!" I'm sure he was hearing it a little before. But after the tubes he was HEARING it! His babbling/speech started improving within days. And we've weathered several colds since the tubes with NO fluid and NO ear infections!

Lara said...

What a little sweetie!!! That baby hospital gown is a riot!!!

Hope Kaisley is feeling much better and will now be back on track for her hearing and her vocal skills.

P.S. she looks soooooooo much like her Momma!!!

Mami said...

I am so happy everything went perfect she is adorable.

Amanda said...

I hope she feels better! When Annika had anesthesia, she coughed for days from that tube irritating her during surgery.

Catie said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you guys! In our case it's seemed to help, we have a lot more babbling and some new words just in the two short weeks. Give Kaisley lots of hugs for us (Brookston too because he's too freakin cute for words).

Sara said...

I am sure it will help! My nephew got tubes when he was a little guy and his speech/babbling picked up dramatically afterwards!
Glad everything went well!