Thursday, December 10, 2009

Look Ashley!!!!

Kaisley finally has enough hair to wear "bigger" bows! And my awesome friend Ashley made this as a gift when Kaisley was first born! I'm excited to get her into bigger bows...not TOO big, I'm still easing into this girly stuff! :) But how stinking cute is this??

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Kristy said...

Hey Shelley! That is the cutest pic of her and the cutest bow! My friend Heather makes bows and they are too cute! She made Lori bows for Ava. One is in the shape of a Christmas tree. I know she made a turkey shped bow for Thanksgiving and she made pimpkin bows for Halloween! He fan page is Maely's Bows on Facebook.

I hope you guys are doing great! I miss you and we need to talk soon!!!!

Love ya,