Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas at the Halls

The tree on Christmas Eve...Santa has come and the presents are waiting!

Maybe if I would have posted this a week ago, I would have had TONS of pictures and stories, but...well, Christmas was over a week ago now and we've been having too much fun with Nana and Papa, I'm just posting a few favorites from Christmas day!

Kaisley opening a present on Christmas morning

Brookston opening his FIRE TRUCK on Christmas morning

The Hall family chaos and total fun!

We had intentions of taking a few pictures, like not just the family, but everyone who was there (since we had some non Hall members there too), but well, as you can see with the number of kids and the ages, you can't always get a lot of pictures in! This was the only one we got!
(Do you see my son????? What's up with his silly faces?) :)

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Anonymous said...

Love Brookston's face, lol!