Sunday, March 14, 2010

Girl's PJ Party

Julie, our incredible hostess.
She threw the BEST girl's night, PJ party! I don't think I've laughed this hard, possibly EVER. And it's been years since I've stayed up until 5am!
Don't you just love her footed onesie?? :)

There were pranks...this is Katherine opening the fake can of chips!

There were games...this one included us having to sit on each other's laps!

There was painting, instructed by one of our great artist friends

Yes, I've become slightly obsessed with painting these days!
(sorry about the smudge on my face from my camera lense)

Here is mine.

Then there were facials and manicures...of course "Sherman" went first.

Heather and Me with our masks.

Facials and paintings!!! Don't you love how different they all are!

Chubby bunny!!!
Have you ever played, or at the very least watched, "Chubby Bunny"? OMG, seriously, hilarious!!!!! It starts off with everyone putting one marshmallow in their mouth, then going around and saying the phrase, "chubby bunny". You cannot chew or swallow any marshmallows. And you go around adding in one more marshmallow, one more, one more, until others just cannot doing it anymore! HILARIOUS!!!!

Almost at the end of "Chubby Bunny"!!!!
Heather and Kim, please don't kill me! :) I just couldn't resist!
Then, my favorite, the shower caps, shaving cream....and cheese puffs!

Our partner had to throw the cheese puffs, as we caught them in the shaving cream.

Tada....the final result...a BIG HUGE MESS!!!!!

Brandi sang, sang, sang...

As we cleaned (what else does a group of mom's do??)

There was dancing...
And board games...

And well, the first to fall asleep...I can't show you those pictures!!! :)
But I'll tell you this, that was a VERY entertaining hour!
Thanks Julie for an absolutely awesome night! I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG, I LOVE IT! To clean up all the cheese puffs, you should have just let all the kiddos loose! Looks like a blast!!

Kim (pprom queen) said...

Looks like fun!!

Blog comment back, no not your setting or mine, when I changed my URL my posts no longer update on anyone's reader.