Monday, April 5, 2010

Mexico - swimming with dolphins

I've wanted to swim with dolphins for a long, long time. But one thing after another, I just never have. So, RIGHT in the area we were staying, there was a place called "Discovery Dolphin". As we walked around the shops every day, we were able to watch others swim with dolphins. It was right there, so when we ate dinner, we saw the dolphins. Our condos were actually so close to the manetees that we could see them from our pool! It was great. So, I signed up for swimming with the dolphins, it was amazing to be in the water with them!

Here's how my group spent our 30 minutes with two dolphins:

First, a kiss from the dolphin

Then, my turn to kiss the dolphin back

Holding/hugging the dolphin
(there was another one that was a smile, but I don't like that

Then one of the best, the "dorsal tow" (when you grab on the dorsal fins of two dolphins and get pulled through the water)

Me getting pulled by the 2 dolphins

Lots of touching their skin, splashing, dancing and singing with them...

And last, but not least, the "foot push" (when two dolphins find your feet and push you up and out of the water as you coast through.)

And here are the dolphins performing at the end
(I actually recorded this after someone else's, it's not actually mine)


Unknown said...

that looks awesome

Kim said...

AWESOME! I did this on our honeymoon in Playa and LOVED every minute of it! They are amazing!

Lara said...

I have to say I laughed when I read this....

I really, really wanted to do this as well! When I got the opportunity to do it I totally and completely FREAKED OUT once I was in the water with them!!! So I watched while everyone else did it!! LOL!

Now I look at your pics and I just keep thinking "you dummy, what the heck was there to be scared of?!?" LOL!!!

So glad you had a good time!!!

Amanda said...

That's amazing!